On The Gravy Trail…

If you’re already thinking “Oh, I think you’ll find it’s called Sunday lunch”, well, you’re part of the problem, I’m afraid.

Every week, I’ll review my Sunday dinner, which, invariably, will be a disappointment, using a points system, and lots of commas. I’m still not 100% confident with semi colons. Venues will lose points for things such as:

  • Live jazz music.
  • Listing prices like this: 13.5.
  • Whimsical messages on chalk boards.

What matters above all else, however, is the quality of the gravy. I am on a quest to discover the best.

Thought Sunday evenings were shit? Not anymore. Join me, every Sabbath, to hear me complain about what I’ve just eaten and how much it cost.

You can also follow @OnTheGravyTrail on Twitter for the latest news and views.

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